Tech Bar

During the networking breaks, join us at the 365 Technologies tech bar in the Carlton Lobby. The tech bar will feature charging stations for your devices, as well as representatives to answer any of your technology related questions.

365 Technologies will also be delivering mini sessions on hot topics including:

Ransomware: What It Is, and What You Need to Know
Ransomware is the biggest cyber security threat facing small and medium-sized business today. In a recent study by Osterman Research, over half of surveyed firms had suffered an attack in the last 12 months. We’ll cover what ransomware is, how companies get infected and what you can do to protect your network.

Subscription-Based Services: The Future of IT Purchasing
The days of large capital IT expenditures are coming to an end. Emerging cloud services are pushing everything to a monthly expense. In this session, we’ll cover the implications of subscription-based services for corporate finance departments and management.

Creating an IT Budget
Gartner Group indicates that the average company spends 2% of its annual revenue on technology. How can companies use a budget to maximize the return on investment and ensure these dollars are being spent wisely? What are the elements of an IT budget and what are the key considerations in putting one together?

The Big 5 IT Worries and What They Are Costing You
In this session, we’ll cover the ‘Big 5 IT Worries’ – from server crashes and downtime to controlling costs. We’ll break down what each worry is costing your company, based on employee size and revenues. You’ll leave with a clear picture of where ‘hidden’ IT costs exist in your organization, and what you can do about them.

Considering Cloud? Here Are the Pro’s and Con’s
Many organizations are looking at cloud-based or hosted solutions to run their email, office suite and in some cases, core business applications. Leveraging the cloud has great benefits, but also some drawbacks. We’ll cover the key things to consider when making the move to the cloud.

Email Safety Best Practices
Email continues to be the primary point of attack for hackers looking to gain entry into corporations. Through social engineering and phishing attacks, companies are falling victim to a number of scams costing them thousands of dollars. In this session, we’ll cover some email safety best practices to protect your employees and clients from these attacks.

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